Family Counseling

At Heritage Counseling Center, Inc., we value families, and seek to assist them in all sorts of trials. Parenting is a hard job, and one that doesn't come with a how-to guide! Many children, especially those with mental health challenges, are especially difficult to raise. Other families may find themselves struggling because of life circumstances, such as a divorce, death in the family, disability, a move, or financial difficulties, just to name a few. It is at these times that counselors at HCC can partner with your family to provide guidance, support, and a safe place to air grievances.

Family counseling can take many forms. Often, the entire family will enter a session together for problem-solving sessions that otherwise would lead to more conflict at home. In these circumstances, the counselor acts as a sort of mediator to help all parties feel they are being heard and respected, and to find a solution with which all family members can agree. Sometimes, siblings attend family counseling together to work out difficulties in their relationship that go beyond typical sibling rivalry. Siblings can also be seen together when dealing with a common problem, such as a divorce. This is helpful when any one child would feel uncomfortable seeking counseling on their own, or if we want to strengthen the siblings bond so that they can be a source of support for one another through troubling times. One or both parents may also be seen with one of their children who is having difficulty. The focus of treatment in this circumstance could be a strained parent-child relationship, or assistance in parenting a child with problems that are not typical. Often, family counseling may be flexible, in that the focus and the family members who attend sessions vary from one appointment to the next, depending on the particular problem being addressed.

Blended families often struggle to find their identity and function as a cohesive unit. Assisting them to function optimally is a priority of Heritage Counseling Center, Inc. Family counseling can be of tremendous benefit to a new family that is struggling to find their way.

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