Anger Resolution

Men and women struggling with anger can find it difficult to contain intense feelings, trigger easily with irritations, cause damage to property, or alienate loved ones. They may have the best of intentions to engage in healthy relationships and yet fail to control their aggressive behavior.

Anger is a natural emotion felt by all people. However, when anger becomes a dominant emotion, it can be helpful to seek greater understanding about what is fueling it. It can also be helpful to learn to separate the emotional impulses from actions that will be regretted later.

Developing greater management of a personís anger can take various forms. Oneís tendency to model after others with unbridled anger may be revealed. There may be difficult circumstances in the past that can be gently resolved to relieve a great deal of pressure and stress. Furthermore, different methods of balance among a fuller range of emotions and behaviors can be explored. Discussing this struggle with a professional counselor will prove beneficial for beginning a new way of life and dealing with anger. All counselors at Heritage Counseling Center have the necessary expertise and skill to help a person with troubling anger.

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