Premarital Counseling

Engaged couples planning a wedding ceremony and new life together can benefit greatly from premarital counseling. Couples typically meet for four sessions with a professional counselor to become better prepared for the change from courtship to marriage. First a research-driven questionnaire called PREPARE-ENRICH is completed by the couple, after which results can be discussed and explored with the counselor.

The hope behind the premarital counseling process is that couples will be enlightened on multiple areas of their relationship and profit from a smooth transition into married life. Fresh awareness can be gained on topics such as communication, conflict resolution, intimacy, finances, and others.

Bride and groom will enter their new relationship with greater confidence, insight, and readiness.

Similar services are available for those couples not engaged but desiring to investigate various aspects of their relationship. Furthermore, premarital counseling is particularly important for couples planning to marry after a previous marriage. A counselor can help work through topics like blending families, recovering from pains of divorce, resolving difficult patterns from the previous relationship, the place of bereavement in the new marriage, and so forth.

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