Addictions Counseling

At Heritage Counseling Center, we provide outpatient counseling for individuals, couples, and families that recognize that addictive and compulsive behavior is a problem, and have the intention to recover from the problems caused and/or made worse by addiction. Our counselors are qualified, certified, and skilled to effectively provide effective therapy in addressing addiction.

Examples of addictive and compulsive behaviors include:

  • alcohol and drug abuse and dependence
  • compulsive gambling and dependence
  • relationship addictions
  • sexual addictions
  • pornography abuse and dependence
  • approval addiction
  • eating disorders
  • compulsive anger and aggression

We use a cognitive-behavioral therapy approach (CBT) to counseling, proven to be effective while considering the physiological, cognitive, behavioral and spiritual aspects of authentic recovery from addictive and compulsive thinking and behavior. Our CBT approach to addictions counseling is from a Christ-centered perspective.

We will focus on the first three of the twelve steps proven to be effective in counseling addiction when implemented fully, trusting in God as the Higher Power with actual authority to empower you to recover. Christ said to submit to God in recovery with your strength (physiological), mind (cognitive), heart (behavior), and soul (spiritual).

Our Recovery Therapy program is a pathway to freedom for adults sincere about changing their behavior from that which is unhealthy destructive to that which is healthy and productive. Simply follow the link above to learn more.

Your FIRST STEP to determining your path for recovery at Heritage Counseling Center is to contact us so that we can meet with you for an initial evaluation to determine the most appropriate level of care for your problem.

For those of you who are battling chronic alcohol and/or drug abuse and dependence, we’ll assess for the need for detoxification services and make the appropriate referral.

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