In the next few days I plan to submit an article to help and encourage stepmoms.  Let's face it stepmoms, you have a difficult job at times trying to meet your own expectations let alone your husbands, your children's, your stepchildren's, your in-laws, your...well, you get the point. In fact, I know you are living out the point everyday in your family and marriage.
While there are wonderful things about being a mom and a stepmom, your role isn't always defined well and so the expectations are often tough to live up to-and we all know you can't please everyone. So could I ask you a favor? Comment to this blog entry and tell us your challenges, your successes, the expectations that you can't seem to meet and the ones you do okay at. What's your experience been like so far and for how long?
What or who is your greatest source of conflict and maybe who or what encourages you the most. Of course you do not have to answer all these questions. Pick the ones that provoke you -good or bad- the most.
One more favor...could you share this post with all your stepmom friends so they can also share? Thank you for your time. BFW exists to inspire, encourage, provide insight and help everyone in a blended family or related to one.