Hello Everyone, and Welcome to Heritage's Blog!

My name is Nicholas Smith, I'm one of the counselors here at Heritage and have been asked by Scott Hendrickson (The President of Heritage) to take the role of being the Host for our Blog. If you would like to know a little more about me, click HERE.

So what does having a Host for the Blog mean? Well, being the host, I hope to build some discussion around each new post. The posts will still be updated on a weekly basis by the Counselors here but I will be giving an intro and asking the audience for input on each article.

Why are we doing this? Our readership has been growing and we wanted to provide the readers with a personal and consistent presence to be able to interact with discussions and answer any questions.

Feel free to reach out to me personally with any questions about the content on our Blog or maybe you have a topic that you would like us to write about. My email is nsmith@heritagecounseling.com

Thanks! And we look forward to more great content in the weeks, months and years to come!

-Nicholas Smith