In our world today, staying present can be a struggle. Our to-do lists grow longer and we have a lot of responsibilities to uphold. Being mindful is not one that makes the top of that list. One way to think of mindfulness is that you are being present in this moment of time; not thinking in the past or to the future of what should be done. One of the only things that are in this moment are our senses. If you catch yourself drifting off into the future or ruminating on the past think through the five senses and tell yourself:

  • What are 5 things I see?
  • What are 4 things I can touch?
  • What are 3 things I can hear?
  • What are 2 things I can smell?
  • What is 1 thing I can taste?
Our senses can only be felt in the present. Going through the five senses can help bring us back to this present moment and remind us to live in the here and now. Our friends are in these moments, are families and our children. Ruminating on the past will not change it and worrying about the future will not change what God has in store for us. Let’s enjoy the beauty of the day that God gave us today.

By: Sam Hicks, LPC