Mind – Take-up a new hobby, one that stimulates the mind. Find something challenging, something you’ve always wanted to do. Even puzzles work. Stimulating the mind will help keep it fresh, active, and clear and will help prevent mental disorders later in life.

Body – Get active during leisure time. Plan the day ahead and include leisure activities into your schedule. It could be anything from a walk in the park, physical activity, sport, yoga, anything except running errands and work. 30 minutes a day will improve the quality of life.

Soul – A source of expression is the stamp of authenticity. A creative outlet to express the soul will keep you feeling young and alive, with a sense of purpose. Creativity is more than drawing and painting, it’s playing an instrument, dancing, writing, and gardening. Creativity is anything you put your heart and soul into.

Give it a try and let me know what you are doing to improve your life!