In a world of constant change, we can become apprehensive about what the next step in our lives will look like. Whether the next step be an empty nest, a new job, a new child or a new ministry, change can be difficult. As humans beings, we crave comfort and stability. When change approaches, instead of embracing it, we resist it. We tend to resist change, even while we are in dysfunctional conditions. No matter how bad things around us, we believe it's safer for things to stay the same rather than embrace change. 

Many people fear change because of the unknown and lack of control that is tied to change. It is challenging to take the first step when we do not know what will follow. Others find change to be problematic because they believe the demands of change are out of their reach. While change may seem out of reach or too scary to fathom, here are some simple steps to approach it.

Begin by taking the first step. One of the most difficult parts of change is simply getting started. Many times our fears convince us to just focus on what is in front of us. They highlight the challenges and risks involved in moving forward. However, it is usually after taking that first step that things begin to clear up. New opportunities are birthed through embracing change. All we have to do is take the first step. 

After you’ve taken the first step, don't give up. There may be times when adversity will encourage you to go backwards. However, you must continue forward. A good way to sustain the change you have embraced is by having support and accountability. Your support can come from family, friends, or even your hope for the future. Whatever it is, make sure is something that keeps you moving forward. Forward is always a powerful direction. It causes you to grow and exposes you to more possibilities. 

There is something that happens inside of us as we change. Despite the discomfort and inconvenience that comes with change, change will always produce new opportunities, perspectives and growth if you are willing to embrace it. Take the first step and you will see how change is powerful.