By Nicholas Smith, LPC

One of the most frustrating things about doing God's work comes from the fact that we humans at some point, must take a break. We read verses that say things like, "In your weakness, I am strong." It makes us think that since we feel overwhelmed and tired, that God is using us in some huge way. But using this verse and others like it to draw these sort of conclusions, my friends, is a misapplication of those scriptures.

When we look at Christ's ministry, we often see him retreating or even napping at moments when it appears as though his words and actions would produce great change in the lives of those present. However, Jesus seems to know that in a human body, there are limits. After teaching for hours and hours, he required rest and solitude. I'll say that a different way; Jesus, God in flesh, needed to step away from "ministry," step away from the crowds and followers, in order to rest. Why did he do this? To protect his most valuable asset to his ministry: himself.

There is no shame in taking time for your own rest; Christ modeled that for us. Here at Heritage we understand, through our own experiences in Lay Ministry work, that it's easy to become burnt out and overwhelmed in ministerial roles, especially when that isn't your full time job. To address this, we have created a group to give you the tools to work through burnout and become even more effective in your ministry.

If you feel this group might be something you need, we ask that you would prayerfully consider it.

Stay tuned into the blog for more information coming shortly!