At Heritage Counseling Center (HCC), helping families and individuals takes place in the context of a Christ-centered, therapeutic relationship. HCC seeks to provide a safe and healing-focused relationship with each individual or family member who seeks therapy services. Each therapist has a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and partners with the Holy Spirit to effect positive change with each individual or family. There is an underlying belief that healing comes first with one's relationship with the Almighty and then through developing therapeutic relationships with other people. Each therapist is committed to the proper integration of Biblical knowledge and psychological knowledge. Our ultimate goal is to graciously speak truth that begins with a scriptural standard and tested psychological skill. It is this truth that provides a safe therapeutic relationship.

As pastors, health professionals, or social workers, it is always a good idea for you to maintain a list of community referrals to offer members who ask for help in seeking a counselor for their student or family. We at Heritage Counseling Center would love to be one of the agencies that you recommend. We currently have two locations: Our main office is located in Plainfield, Illinois just one block south of 143rd street on Route 59 (24020 W Riverwalk Court Suite 100)and our new satellite office is in Lemont just south of 127th street on Bell Road (12725 Bell Road. Both make us convenient for the people you serve. Our flexible hours and reasonable fees (with many insurance plans accepted) keep our services accesible for families, and our varied areas of expertise make us an agency you can feel good about recommending.

We have specialists in child and adolescent counseling, family therapy, domestic violence, eating disorders, and adult substance abuse as well as Career Counseling and in-home behavioral therapy. Our website provides detailed biographies of our counseling staff and would be a good place to send members who are seeking more information. We accept a variety of insurance plans and offer a discounted fee to those who in need.

Our approach to counseling is best summed up by our mission statement; We at Heritage Counseling Center work "to be God's fellow strengthen and encourage people in their faith so that no one would be shaken by trials." (1 Thessalonians 3:2-3.