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Caring Counselors at Heritage Counseling Center in Plainfield, IL and Schaumburg, IL


Family Counseling

At Heritage Counseling Center in Plainfield, Illinois and Schaumburg, IL, we value families, and seek to assist them in all sorts of trials. Parenting is a hard job, and one that doesn't come with a how-to guide! Many children, especially those with mental health challenges, are especially difficult to raise. Other families may find themselves struggling because of life circumstances, such as a divorce, death in the family, disability, a move, or financial difficulties, just to name a few. It is at these times that counselors at HCC can partner with your family to provide guidance, support, and a safe place to air grievances. Call Call Heritage Consulting Center to schedule an appointment with one of our counselors.  Read more
Family Counseling - Counselor in Plainfield, IL

Marriage Counseling

We at Heritage Counseling Center are committed to family values. We understand that the heartbeat of the family unit lies in the strength of the marriage relationship. Therefore, we want to help couples that are struggling in their marriage relationship to sort through the issues and restore the vitality they once had.

As professional Christian counselors, we are committed to a Biblical, Christ centered view of marriage. Further, we are trained professionally and spiritually and understand the importance of integrating our professional training with Biblical truth. We partner with God's Holy Spirit and depend on ... Read more
Marriage Counseling - Counselor in Plainfield, IL
Premarital Counseling - Counselor in Plainfield, IL

Premarital Counseling

Engaged couples planning a wedding ceremony and new life together can benefit greatly from premarital counseling. Couples typically meet for four sessions with a professional counselor to become better prepared for the change from courtship to marriage. First a research-driven questionnaire called PREPARE-ENRICH is completed by the couple, after which results can be discussed and explored with the counselor.

The hope behind the premarital counseling process is that couples will be enlightened on multiple areas of their relationship and profit from a smooth transition into married life. Fresh awareness can be gained on ... Read more
Domestic Violence Help - Counselor in Plainfield, IL

Domestic Violence Help

The definition of domestic violence is the abuse of power in attempts to control one individual over another. Domestic violence encompasses emotional, physical, and sexual abuse by a spouse or significant other in domestic relationship. Whereas bruises may heal over time the emotional scars of domestic violence can last many years. Working with victims of domestic violence entails helping individuals cope and deal with the trauma they are experiencing, identifying options, safety plans and making appropriate emergency shelter or order of protection referrals when required. Heritage counseling center is committed to helping those in Christian marriages cope and heal from domestic violence by providing sound Christian and biblical support.

Divorce Recovery

At Heritage Counseling Center, we make every effort to assist families in restoring and reconciling their marriages whenever possible. At times, however, divorces will occur, and when they do, the grieving process is complex and unique compared to other losses. Often, feelings of guilt, shame, failure and regrets, along with the many adjustments and changes the family is experiencing, can be overwhelming and devastating. Our Christian counselors have the experience and knowledge to help you through this difficult time in your lives. We will provide you support, encouragement and wise counsel as you navigate the recovery process of divorce. The impact of divorce on the ... Read more
Divorce Recovery - Counselor in Plainfield, IL

Blended Family Workshop

Blended families are a growing need around the country. In fact, it is predicted that in the next 4-7 years there will be more blended families than any other type of family. HCCI is placing emphasis on these families-including each member of the family. Few things are as complicated as blending families and so it takes time and focus to become a healthy, long-lasting blended family. That is why we are continuing to develop resources that will help you and yours do just that.

Our counselors are equipped to counsel children, parents, and stepparents that are dealing with issues related to being a member of a blended family. Many of our counselors have first-hand ... Read more
Blended Family Workshop - Counselor in Plainfield, IL