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MEN Group in Plainfield, IL and Schaumburg, IL



A Ten-Week Men's Therapeutic Encounter Group

A Ten-Week Men's Therapeutic Encounter Group

Heritage Counseling Center offers an opportunity for men between the ages of 20 and beyond the group MEN. The men's group is a time-limited encounter, ten weeks, specifically for men who need the kind of healing that only other men can provide.

As a man, have you ever longed, openly or secretively, for your father, for a trustworthy male friend or for male companionship? Do you struggle with or feel detached from the most significant relationships of your life (family, spouse, children, co-workers)? Has anxiety, depression, fear, or anger robbed you of your sense of accomplishment, or your worth and value? Have you longed for a deeper, more stable and more truthful sense of what it means to be a man in a world that portrays men poorly? Do you desire to understand why you feel so empty, alone or isolated? Have you ever felt unworthy, experienced a sense of lacking, or a terrorizing sense of shame? If any of these issues (or one of the many others that have not been listed here) have touched your life, then the group MEN is a safe place for you to begin and/or continue your journey towards healing.
The foundational philosophy of this encounter group is that men, more specifically, the masculine within men, is under assault; throughout our homes, our towns and cities, our country, the masculine soul, is physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually being attacked, confused, and destroyed. All men, of all races, all ethnic groups, all religious backgrounds, and socio-economic status, are being placed under distress. In this encounter group we will focus on men; their masculine wounds, their father-wound, their shame, etc. We will come together, to explore together, the masculine experience. We will experience the support, the encouragement, the affirmation of other men; men will seek to provide the healing that only men can provide men.

Registration for MEN

Complete the above form and someone will contact you for registration.

More Info:

Call 815-577-8970 (option 1) and ask the on-call person about the group MEN or complete and submit the form above to register.
The cost is $40 per two back to back group sessions (90 minutes total) and is about the cost of a co-pay from most insurance networks. Because the cost is reduced to an average copay there is no insurance reimbursement for this service.