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What is the FRONTLINES?

If you are a pastor or a church leader, you are likely well aware that the church is not immune to mental health struggles. Your leadership role often puts you on the frontlines of that battle. Conversations about mental health, especially in the church can be difficult, which is exactly why the staff of Heritage Counseling Center created FRONTLINES: Counseling Conversations for Church Leaders. FRONTLINES is a free seminar offered twice a year at Heritage Counseling Center.

These seminars are informative gatherings where church leaders and mental health counselors can safely dialogue about the mental health issues facing the church today from a Christian perspective. Our goal is to equip you, as a church leader, to better serve the mental health needs of your congregation and to partner with you in bringing hope and healing to this world. At FRONTLINES, you will be able to increase your mental health knowledge within a biblical framework while connecting with like-minded ministry leaders and professional counselors. 

No events at the moment
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