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Group Staples©

Group Counseling in Plainfield & Elgin, Illinois

At Heritage Counseling Center, we offer group therapy services knowing that “For where two or three come together in My name, I am with them” -Matthew 18:20. We know that certain 'staple' challenges are common to every community, and our groups offer support and safety in community.

Here are three groups that we hope to offer year-round for years to come. They are 'staples' of the community, and they will be here when you need them for years to come. You could say they are Group Staples©.

You are welcome to explore our Group Staples© offerings below or call (815) 577-8970 (opt. 1) for more information.

Group Counseling in Plainfield & Elgin, Illinois

MEN: Healing for the Masculine Soul

Heritage Counseling Center offers an opportunity for men ages of 20 and beyond the group MEN. The men's group is a time-limited encounter, ten weeks, specifically for men who need the kind of healing that only other men can provide.

Unlike other groups that focus on behaviors like addictions or anger, MEN treats the whole man (which will undoubtedly treat the behaviors). We see a man as so much more than just his dysfunctioning parts--his heart, his relationships, his faith, his family and his work. Are you struggling with any of these areas? MEN combines a small group of men working together with professional clinicians (also men) that provides a healing and supportive encounter for ALL who participate.

BRAVE: A group to help anxious kids be brave

Anxiety is common in both adults AND kids. For younger people, it can complicate learning, disrupt one's sleep, interfere with making friends, and be a blow to one's confidence, All of this becomes an obstacle to healthy risk-taking for kids.

BRAVE is an opportunity for students ages 10-14 to conquer anxiety by engaging in interactive activities with other peers, sharing their worries, learning coping strategies, and expressing their thoughts and feelings in a group setting.

MINISTRY: Group Therapy for vocational ministers or spouse.

This is a therapy group for professional ministers and/or their spouses who need help going through any specific life challenge complicated by one’s occupational ministry roles. This could be any number of stress-related problems, relationship/family problems, mental health,  grief, life-controlling problems, difficult transitions or adjustments and more. This therapy group is insight-driven and led by licensed counseling professionals who also have significant occupational ministry experience.

Heritage Counseling Center knows that professional ministry is a calling like none other and has built-in personal costs. As a result, one can quickly become isolated with not many places to find private, effective help and support.  This group meets once per month for about two hours and is customized to the needs of the current group members. Each member will make a privacy & participation covenant. This group will always work to maintain a nonjudgmental spirit to allow everyone to move, heal and grow at their individual pace.

Due to the uniqueness of this group, only professional ministers and/or their spouse can join. There is one group for men and a separate group for women. Space is limited and there is a fee of $30 (cash or check) per session.  Please complete the confidential inquiry form to inquire or register.  This group meets the second Saturday every month 10am to noon..

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