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Child & Adolescent Counseling

Child & Adolescent Counseling in Plainfield & Elgin, Illinois

Childhood and adolescence are important periods of growth and transformation, and the staff at Heritage Counseling Center are excited to partner with you in giving your child the best possible care. Your child's sessions are facilitated by qualified professional counselors, and your child's therapist will work to build a relationship of trust and interest in your child's experience.

Child & Adolescent Counseling in Plainfield & Elgin, Illinois

Our Approach

Childhood and adolescence are among the most important and most challenging phases of life. Heritage Counseling Center offers therapy for children and adolescents centered around play, creativity, and self-expression, Your child's treatment may involve building his or her skills and providing evidence-based interventions for some of the most common issues faced by young people today. 

We're here to help with the challenges of growing up.

  • Inattention and hyperactivity

  • School refusal concerns

  • Self-harm and addictive behavior

  • Anger, aggression, opposition

  • Depression, irritability, tearfulness

  • Mood and behavior regulation

  • Peer relational challenges

  • Obsessive-compulsive behavior

  • Changes in self-care

  • Test and relationship anxiety

  • Difficulties in adjustment

  • Trauma, grief, and loss

  • Thoughts of death and dying

  • Binge-eating or loss of appetite

  • Being bullied or bullying others

  • Physical complaints

Questions Your Child Might Be Asking

  • What is therapy, and why am I going?

  • Am I going to therapy because something is wrong with me?

  • What do I have to do in therapy?

  • Will the therapists tell my teachers or my parents?

  • How much should I tell the therapist?

  • How do I talk about my problems with someone I don't know?

Your child's therapist will offer a safe space and a relationship of trust to discuss the successes and challenges that come with youth. We look forward to meeting you.

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